The Sons & Daughters of the Province & Republic of West Florida 1763 - 1810

The objectives and purpose of this organization is to perpetuate the memory of the character, deeds and heroism of the inhabitants of The Province & Republic of West Florida prior to December 07, 1810; to collect and preserve records, documents and relics pertaining to the history and genealogy of West Florida prior to December 07, 1810; to bring into association descendants of the Republic of West Florida; to inculcate patriotism, and to enjoy in other educational, historical, genealogical, patriotic, literary and social activities.

Membership is open to men and women 18 years or older, who can prove lineal descent from an ancestor residing between 1763 and December 07, 1810, on land in that part of the Province of West Florida, as it was governed by both England and Spain, south of the 31ST parallel, east of the Mississippi River, north of the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Maurepas, and west of the Apalachacola River.

Also eligible are lineal descendants of ancestors who settled east of the Mississippi River as far north as the 31st parallel at the mouth of the Yazoo River (above present-day Vicksburg, Mississippi) and south of a line running due east from the mouth of the Yazoo across the state of Alabama south of the present day Demopolis to a point on the west bank of the Chattahoochee River near present-day Columbus, Georgia, and west of the Chattahoochee River, between 1763 and March 30, 1798.

The initiation fee is $25.00.
Yearly dues are $15.00.
Supplement lines may be added for $20.00 each.
Associate Member $15

The annual assembly of all members of the society is generally held in the month of May in Louisiana (usually the third Saturday of May). Historical tours of the vicinity will be planned if possible. A noon luncheon will also be planned. The tour and luncheon will be "Dutch Treat".