The Sons and Daughters of the Province and Republic of West Florida 1763 – 1810 met Saturday, July 25, 2015 at Bear Corners Restaurant in Jackson, Louisiana at 10:00 a.m.
Board members present included Jeff Ball, Governor; Barbara Strickland, Secretary; Shirley Newsham, Interim Treasurer and Hazel Gaudet, Registrar.
Jeff Ball, Governor opened the meeting with a prayer and stated that the organization needs to change some things. We lost three members last year and we need a Treasurer. Samuel C. Hyde, Jr. spoke about “Expanding the Original Lone Star Republic: Judge Harry Toulmin vs. Reuben Kemper in Mississippi and Alabama in 1810.” His presentation was informative. He answered questions.
Jeff Ball stated that we should allow Non-lineage or Associate members to hold office except for the slots of Governor, Vice Governor and Registrar. Hazel Gaudet moved to accept the motion, Shirley Newsham seconded and the motion passed.
Hazel Gaudet brought up the fact that there is only one copy of the lineage papers and their documentation and perhaps they should be scanned and stored at the University of Southeastern in Hammond, Louisiana. Hazel also asked about the original certificates and the need for an embossed seal. The location of the original crimper is unknown. Jeff Ball said if a new embosser costs $100 to $200, we should purchase one.
Shirley Newsham moved that we get a Southeastern student to assist the Governor for meetings and to talk to gulf coast historical societies about our group. Seconded by Barbara Strickland and the motion carried.
Shirley Newsham gave a Treasurer’s report indicating a checking balance of $3,927.41 and a CD in the amount of $8,776.12. The CD matures October 31, 2015 and will roll over into a new CD. The checking and CD are at Highland Bank. Shirley suggested the group might not want to place this money back in a CD. Also the Governor and the new Treasurer should be on the signatory cards. And the post office box key(s) will be turned over to the new Treasurer. There is an IRS issue which needs to be resolved by Shirley Newsham.
Jeff Ball stated since there were no nominations from the floor, all current officers should stay in place which would result in acceptance by acclamation as pointed out by Hazel Gaudet, which needs no second or vote.
New officers elected today (Two year terms)
Governor, Jefferson M. Ball
Deputy Governor, Vacant
Secretary, Barbara Comeaux Strickland
Treasurer, Chris Achee
Chaplain, Vacant
Chanceller, Frances Ball
Trustee, Bollan Corkern
Trustee, Shirley Bankston Newsham
Trustee, Laura Varnado Fussell
Trustee, Clyde P. Wingate, Jr.
Trustee, Owen Johnson
Registrar, Hazel Gaudet
Editor, Vacant

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned. Lunch consisted of bar-b-que chicken, sausage, potato salad, baked beans, roll and a chocolate chip cookie. Then the group toured the West Florida Museum.

Barbara Comeaux Strickland